5 Ways Brands Can Widen Their Social Reach

The way companies market to their audience has evolved drastically in the last ten years. TV and print ad budgets are now being allocated to run digital campaigns designed to expertly target the platforms users frequent most. As a business, utilizing the algorithms social media provides can help to form deeper, long-lasting connections with your desired clientele. Don’t know where to start? Here are five ways businesses can widen their digital reach:

1.       Record Great Video

Visual content has the ability to reach audience members in a way text posts can’t. The sound quality, composition, and narrative structure that your video or photo content exhibits can allow you to engage with followers in relatable, aesthetically pleasing ways. Businesses are now able to communicate their core values through story; employee interviews, customer reviews, and holiday-related shorts recorded with high-quality camera and sound systems allow you to drop that certain corporate sterility and reach out to followers with resignation.

2.       Budget for Paid Advertisements

Get your audience’s attention on the platforms they use everyday by employing ad campaigns. Social ad formats that are eye catching, flexible, and work across devices have the ability to reach more than the users who are already following your page and narrative.

3.       Retarget Those Advertisements

Facebook allows for the structuring of targeted advertisement to reach the demographics that will best benefit from your product or service. Ads are constructed with relevance to your target audience’s purchasing patterns, device usage, and other activities online; an algorithm guaranteeing that your information is delivered to the audience that has expressed interest similar to the ones cultivated by your brand.

4.       Revise and Innovate

Attentiveness to the market around you is crucial in maintaining a positive presence online. One of the benefits of social media is that you can follow your competitors’ activity to see what actions of theirs are performing well or, inversely, which ideas don’t take to the page. You also have the ability to revise as you go; social media is constantly progressing, and experimenting to see which ideas resonate with your audience is always going to be an ongoing process.

5.       Consider Story Time

As attention spans shrink, Facebook and Instagram stories rise in popularity. Content is in abundance, and your carefully-crafted posts might get buried beneath ones posted an hour, ten minutes, or thirty seconds ago. Stories are a great resource to keep your content in one place; followers can revisit past narratives for up to 24 hours or, if you highlight it, as long as you want. Reach your audience in quick, easy segments that rest permanently at the top of their feeds.

We understand that social media is an incredible time commitment and, often, one that never sleeps. Working with a full-service social media agency with the time, dedication, and equipment can be a great way to help deliver high-quality, expertly-crafted content to the people who matter. Want to take your digital branding to the next level? We’d love to have a 30 minute chat to discuss your goals and help you decide if we’d be a good fit for each other. Reach one of our team members here.