Don Bristow

Stafford Media Group’s newest social butterfly.  Don brings an extensive background in networking, hospitality and customer service. You’ll be seeing Don at the social events talking about how awesome Social Media Marketing can be. 
Born out west, but raised in the bustling Metropolis of Elkhart, Indiana (while would ever want to move from such an exciting sounding place???), Don found his way to us eventually. He served for 5 and a half years (5 years, 8 months and 13 days but who is counting?) in the Army before trading his boots for a backpack. Graduating from South University in 2013 with a BBA with a specialization in Marketing, he immediately jumped into the Savannah Downtown culture. 
When he’s not working or being social, he enjoys coaching soccer with a local soccer club here in the area, spending time with his family and two poodles Loaf and Pita (Loaf is actually a big mix-breed, he just is convinced he is a miniature poodle too), and anything outdoors. 

Contact Don


O: (912) 459-1404

M: (912) 433-8835