Advice on Reaching Millennials from an Actual Millennial

When advertising on social media, many people forget that they also have to appeal to millennials. This can be difficult. Unlike many adults, we millennials have a much shorter attention span. Luckily, social media has adapted to these shorter attention spans.

Many apps include a story feature where users can have stories. These stories can help one get his or her idea to the viewer/consumer a lot quicker, and as long as individuals watches stories they are guaranteed to see yours. Stories can be too much at times. Sometimes people post ten stories or more in one day. This may overwhelm the attention span or interest of the intended audience thus causing one to lose viewership. Posts should be as appealing as possible and utilize hooks like humor or an emotional connection to involve the viewer

Stories are just the beginning of what makes a successful social media presence that impacts millennials. Aesthetics also have a meaningful impact when it comes to social media. As a company you want your viewers to look at your page and be drawn to explore it more. This can be done in many ways, the most important one being having an overall color scheme and pleasing layout that is easy to follow.  By doing this, it can look more organized and visually appealing. This is what many bloggers do to get people to explore their pages.

Another major concept that people who use social media pages for their businesses need to understand is that consumers can see your activity on the social media site. I personally have thought less of a business because when the company ‘likes’ questionable posts. Your social media is a representation of your business. Whomever you follow, what posts you like, and what posts you comment on are all visible to your followers, and if it is a public page, they are visible to all.

Lastly, fun gifs, memes, and captions are always a good way to attract viewership – the shorter the better.Social media is supposed to be an outlet for quick snippets of life or a quick look at your business and/or philosophy. Rarely does a person want to read a paragraph about a picture. You want the combination of the picture and the caption to draw your potential customer to either your website or the actual brick and mortar store. Gifs and memes can be funny and remain in someone’s mind. They will show friends which can help spread your business. This does not mean put them all over your social media pages, but every once in a while they can be a fun way to get a consumer’s attention.

In conclusion, getting millennials attention should not be difficult. If you post what’s necessary and do not overload the consumer with too much content, you can draw them in and more importantly help them remember your business and share it with others. Having your pages being visually appealing is a huge asset. Keeping it light and funny when appropriate is also a good way to switch  it up for your viewers. As long as you are acknowledging that you are not only advertising to adults but also millennials, your social media page should bloom.