Like every good relationship, we started with a Twitter follow. 

Stafford Media Group founder, Jillian Stafford, was determined to have a successful career in the fashion design field. You probably know where this story is going. In design school (not SCAD, if you can believe it) she learned key graphic design principles that she used to start working as a graphic designer out of school upon the harsh realization that she would not actually be the next Donna Karan. Jillian’s graphic design clients eventually asked for web design, so she taught herself web design in order to keep up with the market. 

Meanwhile, social media was gaining popularity. Jillian started managing a Myspace (remember them?) and Facebook page for a salon and spa. In 2007, Twitter became a key player in the social media world. She started following everyone in the industry that she could find, and then some. She also met her husband on twitter. How’s that for ROI? 

Jillian kept freelancing as a social media manager until March of 2013 when she was able to fully break free of the chains of corporate drudgery, quit her day job, and go full time. In that time, Jillian’s professional skills expanded to include professional videography as she noticed the social media world’s current trajectory toward video-based content. 

Along the way, Jillian assembled Savannah’s Dream Team of creatives. The Stafford Media Group team keeps growing, and they work collectively together to bring some of the southeast’s most notable brands to life in the digital sphere. 

What’s next? We can’t wait to find out.